Check If Your Domain Is Affected By Letsencrypt CAA Rechecking Bug

Let’s Encrypt is a non-profit Certificate Authority ( shortly CA) run by ISRG (Internet Security Research Group). They provide SSL/TLS certificates to enable https on millions of websites’ domain for free! Unfortunately, there is bug, known as CAA rechecking bug, in their CAA code. Letsencrypt CAA Rechecking Bug According to the Let’s Encrypt announcement, when … Read more

How To Secure Apache with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 18.04

The Apache is a web server developed by Apache Foundation in 1995. Apache is the one of the most widely used and robust web server. Apache web server requires a valid SSL certificate to enable web security between the server and client by encrypting the traffic. The Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority that provides … Read more

Practical Linux Server Hardening – Information Security

Securing your Linux server is important to protect your data, intellectual property, and time, from the hands of crackers (hackers). The system administrator is responsible for security of the Linux box. Linux Server Hardening Security Tips and Checklist The following instructions assume that you are using CentOS/RHEL or Ubuntu/Debian based Linux distribution. 1. Encrypt Data … Read more

Harap Maaf